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One of the very disturbing aspects of water damage is the havoc it renders on our important documents. Most of us have folders of important documents like insurance contracts, guarantees, birth and death documents, wills, social security cards, and even identification documents. When flood damage transpires and saturates these papers it can be alarming and crushing. The good information is that in numerous cases these documents can be preserved.

If your essential documents get water damaged it is imperative that you move promptly to manage the situation. Get the documents and put wax paper between the pieces. If there are lots of pieces of wet paper that are don't make an effort to divide them. Put pieces of wax material between the bunches. Afterward, put the stacks of paper into plastic bags, close them, and get them into the freezer. Now you have time to decide what to do to restore those valuable documents while preventing any additional water damage.

Airing out the documents is the least expensive way to dry the wet documents. Choose an area with lots of table and/or floor room. Run some fans in the space to keep the air moving but make certain that they won't scatter the documents around. Move the documents out of the freezer several at a time and lay them out around the room. Let them dry out really well.

Dehumidification is an alternative to dry your important papers in your residence. This process requires having humongous dehumidifiers brought to your house and set up in a area where it is likely to maintain temperature and moisture levels. The papers can be dehydrated on shelves while the dehumidifiers draw water out of the air and the papers as well.
Freeze drying is a second means for document drying. This method involves warehousing valuable papers in a commercial freezer for several months. After a period of time, the wetness in the documents is removed and the papers dry out. There are specialists that come and retrieve the documents and take them to their shop and keep the documents in freezers for this intent. The stumbling block with using this method is that the documents would not be accessible for a lengthy period of time.

Vacuum freeze-drying is yet another means utilized to dry out water damaged documents. Get your frozen documents to a facility outfitted with a vacuum booth. The documents must stay iced up while they are in in transition to the facility. The papers are put into the vacuum booth and dried before defrosting. The water loaded in the documents is transformed from a frozen state into a gas state. The gas then dispels, rendering the important papers dry once more.

Vacuum thermal-drying can also be used to dry those significant documents. This method is even less expensive than vacuum freeze-drying and therefore might be a more advisable choice for the less essential documents. This procedure works by placing documents into a vacuum compartment and drawing a vacuum. Next, hot air is introduced to the chamber, followed by another vacuum being applied that draws the wetness out of the documents. With all the means available it should be thinkable to reconstruct even your most hard to manage papers.

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