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When papers, books, photos, and any other documents get damaged by water it is very terrible. These are many of our most needed or most treasured holdings. The notion of losing all of these documents and history can be perturbing. The great word is that most of these documents and pictures can be salvaged if they get wet. There are various methods that can be used to reestablish these papers.

Air drying and dehumidification are a couple of methods that can be used to dry out documents. These methods can be used by a pro in a lab or you can attempt to dry documents at your residence if you have the location to lay them out or fasten them up to dry. Dehumidification can be done at your location as well if you have or can lease a dehumidifier and can section off a place to set up for this operation. Air drying is the advisable way to dry pictures.

Vacuum drying is one other way that writings and books can be dehydrated. Vacuum thermal-drying can also be used to dry those key papers. This method is much more reasonably priced than vacuum freeze-drying and thus may be a better pick for less valuable or less valued documents. This process works by placing writings into a vacuum chamber and drawing a vacuum. Then heated air is brought into the cavity followed by added vacuum being applied that pulls the wetness out of the documents. This method of drying is much more intense than vacuum freeze drying and is much more possible to create sticking, staining, and alteration.

Vacuum freeze drying is the least dangerous way to dry damaged books and any unique or priceless books and documents and additionally maps and blueprints. The temperatures in the hot cavity can be adjusted for greater temperature, approximately a hundred degrees for many items and lesser temperatures for extraordinary, old, and expensive books and papers. When books and writings are water damaged it is advisable to put them in the freezer quickly to avert mold growth. The books and writings can then be taken to a lab outfitted with a vacuum enclosure. The papers have to remain frozen for all of the time they are being shipped. The writings are placed in the vacuum chamber and dried while still frozen. The water in the documents is denatured from a solid state into a vapor state. The gas then dissipates, leaving the books and papers dry once more. Books are somewhat less likely to be dented or to wither using this drying method. Vacuum freeze drying is more expensive than the different methods of drying, but if the damaged items are important, this is the process that will supply the finest results.

No matter which way your writings and books are dried, make sure to get a guarantee from the refurbishment organization that the items will arrive back completely dry. If any of the things are not completely dry they will get mold. If there is any doubt that the items being restored had mold or not it is best that they are made germ free before the items arrive back to you.

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New York Document Freeze Drying

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